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  Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons and volunteers who continuously support us through ticket purchases, donations, blood, sweat, and tears. We’d like you to know what it is all for. Because of you and all your generosity…


  The Baldwin Lane elementary School in Big Bear is receiving for it's Kindergarten classes, school supplies for the year!



  Corrinne Buckmaster, one of our scholarship recipients.  Is graduating WITH HONORS! on Aug 20th with an associates degree in Medical Sciences! From Platt college, Congratulations Corri!! Way To GO!



What is Steampunk?


What is Steampunk?


“It's going back to a romantic era full of mystery and (sometimes mad) science…”
When the sitting parlor was where you drank Absinthe and elaborate gold gilded Luxury cars pulled by Steam locomotives ruled the countries transportation needs.
Hence the "Steam"
“It's people who have returned to a life with proper etiquette. Scientific, romantic, artistic, and unique deviants that reject the molds of modern society.” Hence the "Punk".


Steampunk rejects modern minimalism, plastic box products and mega-corporations mass-produced goods in exchange for highly decorated and individually hand crafted works, Brass goggles instead of cheap sunglasses.
Think of an old Grandfather clock. All trimmed in hand carved relief's and stained real wood cabinetry with a faceted glass face, handmade mechanisms that kept accurate time for generations. Now look at your alarm clock, it's probably a little rectangular plastic box that will be trash by next year. Steam punks choose to have grandfather clocks.


Since you can't buy them they have to make them. This tends to push Steampunk into a sort of "Makers" society. The people with the coolest stuff probably made it themselves. You can't buy it at Hot-Topic. True Steampunk has to be made by an individual or assembled by a craftsman, not by a machine that pumps out 99 a minute.


“They hold Victorian sensibilities with modern truths (steam punks are NOT racist, imperialistic, homophobic, etc. or affiliated with any hate groups. It’s not that kind of punk), they do have a bit of an ‘up-the-establishment’ attitude.”


“They are a fun loving group who like practical jokes and do immersive role-play.”
“A little bit of geek is thrown in, hence the obsession with clockwork and steam-tech.” “There is a general attitude of respect in the demeanor of a true steampunkian.”
“They respect the art of machinery as well as the individual.”


Steampunk simple wear is Victorian style with leather and mechanical accoutrements. Air Pirate, Zeppelin Captain, Tinkerers, Explorers, Adventurers, and of course (sometimes mad) scientists are only part of the common characters portrayed. Top hats are the order of the day and a true Gentleman always carries a Brass or Gold tipped cane.


Possibly with a sword inside to fight off those accursed Air Pirates!