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  Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons and volunteers who continuously support us through ticket purchases, donations, blood, sweat, and tears. We’d like you to know what it is all for. Because of you and all your generosity…


  The Baldwin Lane elementary School in Big Bear is receiving for it's Kindergarten classes, school supplies for the year!



  Corrinne Buckmaster, one of our scholarship recipients.  Is graduating WITH HONORS! on Aug 20th with an associates degree in Medical Sciences! From Platt college, Congratulations Corri!! Way To GO!



Good Day,


Due to the recent collapse of Highway 330, the Board of Directors has decided to postpone all events this season.




The Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society, Inc., is having it's Fawnskin Victorian Days on June 11th & 12th 2011 at the BBVRSI permanent site on the north shore of Big Bear Lake!



Named as one of Westways Magazine's
"Top Five Worth The Drive" events in the western states!


Hosted in the lovely little town of Fawnskin, the event will showcase the entire nineteenth century, including Victorian, pioneers, the wild west, old miners, the American civil war, and this year for the first time we have the great joy of introducing you to a fabulous new group of people who call them self Steampunk! Come prepared to encounter literary characters and authors, historical figures, shoot outs in the streets, strange devices carried by the Captain of a Zeppelin, arrests and judgments from the "hangin' judge."


There will be period entertainment and games.


While not all visitors come in costume, a great many do. The site will be set up to cover both American Old West to English Victorian and beyond with vendors and five stage's worth of entertainment of both as well as performers filling the streets: watch out that you don't get caught up in a shoot out or thrown in jail! Of course, if you want to have someone arrested, we can swear out an arrest warrant for whatever charge you can dream up...



And, to kick things off, the opening of the Fawnskin Victorian Days will be preceded by the annual Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade, which runs 10-11am, Saturday morning.


Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.