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What have you done for us lately?

  Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons and volunteers who continuously support us through ticket purchases, donations, blood, sweat, and tears. We’d like you to know what it is all for. Because of you and all your generosity…


  The Baldwin Lane elementary School in Big Bear is receiving for it's Kindergarten classes, school supplies for the year!



  Corrinne Buckmaster, one of our scholarship recipients.  Is graduating WITH HONORS! on Aug 20th with an associates degree in Medical Sciences! From Platt college, Congratulations Corri!! Way To GO!




Our Faire is a continual day of mirth and merriment, excitement and education. Our village streets lead you past crafts, costumes, foods, stages, jousts, battles and games. The Enchanted Shire has four stages of ongoing shows performing every half-hour. What follows is a list of scheduled entertainers:




Queen Elizabeth's Royal Court, Knights Jousting on Horseback, Archery Tournament, Live Steel Battle, Living History Encampments & Demonstrations, Ethnic Food & Drink, Belly Dancers, Jugglers, Musicians & Singers, Midsummer Fairy Forest Children's Area.


• The Knights of MAYHEM - This ain't no dinner show! Real men, real weapons, and yes sometimes, real blood. This is full contact jousting at its finest- visit web site

• Belles of Bedlam - A performance troupe specializing in musical comedy. The show is a romp through the daily lives of a group of sisters who own an Inn. – visit web site
• Adam Reid
"The Bawdy Juggler"
• Moonridge Zoo Presents
- Birds of Prey, learn about the different types of Birds of Prey and see these beautiful birds up close. - visit web site
• Argus Armstrong's Miracle ship repair -
Learn the history of ship repair and other historical tidbits! -
• Suspended Reality
..aerial acrobat/ dance troupe featuring Aerial, Lyra and Tissu.
• Captain Jack's Pirate Stories -
Captain Jack will entertain the children with stories of the high seas and other pirate tales. -
• Mister Mac -
Children love and adore him. He'll have you dancing and singing in the aisles. - visit web site
• Sportive Tricks -
The singing style of the old world, funny and poignant similar styling's to the Poxy Boggards.- visit web site
• The Juggling and Magic of Bryan Nash -
Juggling and magic to thrill everyone who sees him. Fun for the entire family.

The Universe According to Galileo - A show that puts the audience into an interactive class with the Maestro himself. The fun and frivolity almost starts immediate with the naming of the planets, to Galileo explaining the three theories taught at the time from Aristotle, Ptolemy and Copernicus. With" Planets on a Stick."

• Wren Of Iniquity & Spy Glass - Singing of the finest known to her Majesty the Queen!

• Bradley Austin Storyteller

• El Moro the Magician -visit web site

• Story Theater with Victoria Goring -visit web site



Guilds Visiting thee Shire...


• Saint Katherine's...The Queen's Guild

• Yeoman of the Guard...The Queen's Guard

• Saint Blaise...The Town Criers

• Saint Helena

• Le Troupe...The Spanish Queen