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What have you done for us lately?

  Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons and volunteers who continuously support us through ticket purchases, donations, blood, sweat, and tears. We’d like you to know what it is all for. Because of you and all your generosity…


  The Baldwin Lane elementary School in Big Bear is receiving for it's Kindergarten classes, school supplies for the year!



  Corrinne Buckmaster, one of our scholarship recipients.  Is graduating WITH HONORS! on Aug 20th with an associates degree in Medical Sciences! From Platt college, Congratulations Corri!! Way To GO!



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Greetings from Big Bear,
Welcome to the 9th annual Big Bear Renaissance Faire. 2011 promises to be a wondrous Faire, and we look forward to those returning and those joining us for the first time, to enjoy it with us.


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