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What have you done for us lately?

  Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons and volunteers who continuously support us through ticket purchases, donations, blood, sweat, and tears. We’d like you to know what it is all for. Because of you and all your generosity…


  The Baldwin Lane elementary School in Big Bear is receiving for it's Kindergarten classes, school supplies for the year!



  Corrinne Buckmaster, one of our scholarship recipients.  Is graduating WITH HONORS! on Aug 20th with an associates degree in Medical Sciences! From Platt college, Congratulations Corri!! Way To GO!


Vendor Information:


Greetings from Big Bear,
Welcome to the Pirate Faire. 2011 promises to be a wondrous Faire, and we look forward to those returning and those joining us for the first time, to enjoy it with us.


Our faire is a production of the Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society, Inc., a non-profit, educational corporation. Lynda McGinnis chose to form a non-profit corporation to pursue her goals of providing educational funds directly to students and teachers. To accomplish this, all profits outside of those to maintain Faire are devoted to education. Those of us working with Lynda share her dreams and goals of better education here in our valley, and with these goals in mind we have decided that all of the Big Bear Staff will donate their time and receive no payment.


We hope you will be able to join us at our Faire this year. We hope to create the kind of atmosphere that makes coming to our Faire a truly enjoyable experience that you anticipate year after year. To help accomplish this and as a thank you for your attendance and support we would like to offer the following:

• Free camping within the encampment of your vending booth

• Low cost advertisement in our program.



Please carefully read the application as it has lots and lots of information, and we really need the specific information we ask for to be able to best meet your needs. Please remember to be specific on what your special needs might be as there will be ABSOLUTLY NO changing of spaces after the site plan has been finalized. I look forward to seeing all of you at our Faire.


Lady McGinnis



Vendor Applications:


Vendor Application Form (PDF format)

Food Vendors Please contact Lady McGinnis Directly


Helpful Resources:


Vendor Insurance Application Form (PDF format)

Adobe Acrobat Reader needed. Download here.