Queens’ Tea ~ Royal Gallery

Tea anyone? Or perhaps you’d just like to rub elbows with nobility! Well, here’s your chance! Big Bear Faire will be boosting a new Tea Pavilion! Queen Anne Bolynn, will host a special tea each day. You’ll be able to meet (due to the “ripple in time”) The Fairy Queen, Queens’ of the Gypsy’s, Pirate’s, Scots, Wilds and more!! You’ll rub elbows with the Imperial Knights, Kings’ of the Gypsy’s, Pirate’s, Wilds, Scots, Fairy’s and more!!

This is your chance to meet and get to know these individuals up close and personal! AND….enjoy a delicious treat and beverage while learning and being entertained!!  These are private affairs with limited seating and will be different each time.  Other than your host Queen Anne , visiting dignitaries and entertainers will vary at each Tea, therefore rendering each event new and exciting. We encourage you to participate as many times as you wish and you’ll never be bored!

There will be entertainment, special refreshments and Fun for everyone for the low price of $10.

Queen’s’ Tea

Sponsored by Temping Tarts & Mountain Witch Tea Co.

Royal Gallery

Our new Royal Gallery at the Jousting arena will now be available for a limited number of guests to be seated with the Queen and her court at the Queen’s 1 pm Joust and the visiting Royals at the 4pm Joust and receive a complimentary photo of their visit with them!

A wonderful experience and memento of your trip to the shire for just $5.


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