Our Faire is a continual day of mirth and merriment, excitement and education. The village streets lead you past crafts, costumes, food, stages, and games. The Enchanted Shire has six stages of ongoing shows performing every half-hour. There is also an arena for the jousts and the Great Square for pirate battles, maypole dances, and other fun!

If you would like to apply to be an entertainer at the Big Bear Renaissance Faire, please go to downloads under Contact Us.

Imperial Knights – Donning 130 pounds of steel armor, these warriors mount 2,000-pound horses and charge at each other with solid hemlock lances at speeds of up to 30-mph while peering through a quarter-inch eye slot in their helmet. Real men. Real weapons. And, yes, sometimes real blood. This is full-contact jousting at its best.

Joust Kidding A high energy, singing group featuring a stage full of pirates! Offering an extensive repertoire of songs and styles, there is something for everyone in each performance.

Tribal Beats – This belly dance troupe fuses music and moves from around the world, creating a fun and ethnic dance that is pleasing to the ears and easy on the eyes.

The Wishing Fairy“We invite you into a land of enchantment and wonder, a realm of fantasy. Where children and even adults can make a wish come true as long as you feed it with positive energy!

Her Majesty’s Minstrel Cycle- A delightfully comedic signing group you won’t dare to miss! They will have you laughing so hard you just might spill your beer.

Cutthroat Reef –  “A crew of salty sea dogs from across the seven seas. Their rowdy renditions of sea chanteys and drinking songs will make the rafters roar as they bring ashore the life of a sailor.”

Captain Jack – Story teller


Guilds of the Shire:

Queen Anne’s Royal Court

Yeoman of the Guard – The Queen’s protectors

The Wilds – Barbarians!

Tuatha de Dannon(Fairy Guild)

Port of the Black Sail – Pirates!!

Sea Wolf – More Pirates!!

Saint Claire’s – The crafters…come and learn a craft with them, they LOVE to teach!!

Common Chaps – Printing and bookmaking