Competitions and Scholarships

The Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society, Inc., is a non-profit education corporation. All proceeds go to educational funds and continuation of the events used to fund our scholarship and grant programs. Educational funding will go directly to teachers and students. We hope you will join us in our direct support of education by becoming active in our various competitions open to students of ALL ages!  We realize that there is a need not only to the students in regular based educational systems, but to those of our returning veterans.  We hope that you will join us in thanking those who have served in our military, those who chose to put their lives on the line so that we may remain free….Please remember, our competitions and scholarships are here for you as well.

To apply for a scholarship, please send us via email a letter stating your need, the school you are or plan to attend and a basic synopsis of who you are!  Scholarships are available for educational endeavors, by way of explanation:

TEACHERS do you need class room materials, funds for educational field trips and even after school projects, or to further YOUR education?  Do you have a need for musical instruments or student that does? Let us know!!

STUDENTS do you need funds for college, performing arts high school, junior college, trade or technical school, science,  performing arts or music camp? Do you have a need for a musical instrument and/or  lessons? Let us know!!

SEND requests to  Applications for competitions and essays should also be sent to this email!


We have several competitions, the Shakespearean, the Pirate essay and the Victorian~Steampunk essay are currently held at our events and applications can be downloaded here.  All rules and information about dates, times and deadlines are on the application.  All competitions are judged by qualified persons with individual knowledge in the field of the competition of which they are judging.   The top three students in essay competitions are asked to come the the event and read their essay for final judging.  If they are unable to attend a reader will be assigned.  The scholarships awarded in each competition vary and are listed on the applications.  The scholarship checks will be issued to recipients chosen institution upon proof of enrollment.  All scholarship monies will be held in trust until such time.  A voucher will be issued at the time of winning.



THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!!!  And if you wish to become more involved with our organization please check out the volunteer information under Contact us.